Ms Helen Crowe AM
Urology Nurse Practitioner
Australian Prostate Cancer Centre

Helen has been working in urology for over 30 years and was instrumental in establishing urology nursing professional organisations in Australia. She was the first urology NP appointed in Australia and has helped establish the role of the prostate cancer nurse.

She has been involved in APCC since the inaugural meeting in Melbourne, and in 2009 saw the need for nursing input and convened the first Nursing Program at APCC. With Addie Wootten (clinical psychologist), Helen established the Nursing & Allied Health APCC meeting involving nursing, clinical psychology, exercise physiology and pelvic floor physiotherapy. This meeting is now established as a key forum to highlight best practice nursing and allied health care for prostate cancer patients.

Helen works part-time at Australian Prostate Cancer Centre where she is part of the multidisciplinary prostate cancer survivorship program. She has also received numerous awards for her research presentations and publications and has received research grants funding her projects.

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