We are proud to present the 24th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference which will return to Melbourne in 2024. Over many years the conference has grown to now be one of the largest comprehensive prostate cancer meetings in the world.

As we step into 2024, the global impact of prostate cancer continues to expand. Novel therapies for the treatment of advanced disease have seemed to multiply exponentially. The conference will focus on the latest innovations in prostate cancer research, including the advancement of precision medicine and targeted therapies, the integration of artificial intelligence in the diagnostic algorithm and treatment pathways and the development of next generation imaging techniques. We will explore the potential of genomics and immunotherapy in managing prostate cancer, as well as role of theranostics, treatment sequencing and treatment intensification. Additionally, the conference will address aspects of patient quality of life and survivorship, underscoring the importance of holistic care in the journey of patient recovery. 

We are in the process of creating a dynamic and invigorated scientific program with both local and world leaders who will bring their knowledge and experience to discuss all facets of prostate cancer management, treatment and scientific advancement. The gathering of experts will serve as a pivotal platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration and setting new directions in our quest to improve patient outcomes in prostate cancer. We encourage new research from home and abroad to be shared. Beyond the structured scientific agenda, the conference is designed to facilitate informal networking, creating an atmosphere where attendees can forge relationships and exchange ideas in a relaxed, social setting. Your active participation in these gatherings is highly encouraged.

We're thrilled to reunite in Melbourne after a five-year hiatus from our in-person conference - It is a truly global city with leading research centres and innovation at the forefront. 

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