For accommodation cancellation policies, please refer to the individual hotel policies noted on the website. Any amendments to original hotel bookings must be forwarded via email to the Conference Office. Verbal changes or cancellations cannot be accepted nor will the hotels accept any changes direct.

Voluntary Cancellation 
Should you decide to cancel your registration, the following refunds will apply from the date of receipt of notification:

  • On or before Monday 29 July 2024: 50% refund less an administration fee of $250 including GST
  • After Tuesday 30 July 2024: no refund available although registration may be transferred to another individual

Refunds will be returned by the same payment method as the original receipt of funds. 

No refund will be made after Tuesday 30 July 2024, however an alternative delegate name may be provided by email and the booking and funds will be allocated accordingly. 

Please note no refund or discount will be made if a function or event inclusive within the registration fee is not taken up, or if you subsequently cancel your participation in that function or event. 

Optional social event tickets may be cancelled on or before Tuesday 30 July 2024 and will be refunded in full by the same payment method as the original receipt of funds. After Tuesday 30 July 2024 no refunds will be made, however an alternative delegate name may be provided by email and the booking and funds will be allocated accordingly.

In the case of extenuating circumstances, a refund outside of these terms and conditions may be considered by and at the discretion of the Australian Prostate Centre (APC) upon application.

Conference Cancellation or Postponement 
The APC may cancel or postpone the Conference due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to Acts of God, terrorism, war, strikes or industrial action, fire, explosion, inevitable accident, breakdown of property, changes in law, or pandemics or global health crises. Due to the nature of the event, it may be reasonable to postpone the event to a later year and/or to change the location for the Conference. 

In the event the Conference is not able to proceed as planned, and is moved to a virtual format, your registration will be transferred to a virtual registration. If you choose not to attend the virtual Conference, the APC will not be required to refund any part of the Conference registration fee.

In the event of postponement of the Conference, if, when requested, you advise that you are willing to attend the rescheduled Conference, the APC will transfer the registration and guarantee the same conditions and equivalent registration entitlements (subject to reasonable modification and availability) at the rescheduled event. If, at a later date, you then choose not to attend the rescheduled Conference, the APC will not be required to refund any part of the Conference registration fee. 

In the event of a full cancellation of the Conference by the APC, you will be entitled to a full refund of the amount of the Conference registration fee received.

The maximum liability of the APC under these Terms and Conditions is limited to a refund of the Conference registration fee with no additional liability for travel costs, hotel costs, or any other associated costs.

Delegate cancellation – Medical Reasons
If, on medical grounds, you are unable to attend the Conference, you must cancel your in-person attendance in writing by email to the Conference Office. A full refund may be provided at the discretion of the APC, however you may be asked to provide additional details.

Participants are strongly advised to secure appropriate travel and health insurance. Delegate registration fees do not provide any such insurance coverage. The APC and the Conference Office accept no responsibility for any loss in this regard.

All Conference registration fees and additional ticket rates are quoted in Australian Dollars. GST at 10% is included.

By registering, participants acknowledge and consent that during their attendance at the APCC 2024 Conference their image or voice may be recorded via video, photograph or by any other means (“recorded”) by an officer or official of the APCC 2024 Conference which may be distributed or published at the discretion of the organisers of the APCC 2024 Conference. If you do not wish to be recorded, you are required to formally advise the Conference Office in advance by email.

Privacy Policy
If you interact with WALDRONSMITH Management as a client, member or conference participant, personal information about you will be held for the primary purpose of supplying you with information related to membership, conferences and events. We gather and process your personal information in accordance with our privacy statement, in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act and European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We comply with these legislations and are committed to protecting the right of the individual to the privacy of their information. By registering for this Conference the APC and WALDRONSMITH Management reserves the right to provide your contact details to Authorities for the purposes of contact tracing and any relevant Government requirements. Click here for further information on the privacy statement.

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